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ShengQuan operates a well-established portfolio of high quality residential aged care facilities in Weihai, a city of approximately three million inhabitants. A major seaport enjoying a protected harbour, Weihai is surrounded by almost 300 kms of oceanfront on three sides and an abundance of natural amenity including lush forests and parks, picturesque islands and hot springs. 

A vibrant, cosmopolitan city with a thriving tourism industry, it is also increasingly attracting Chinese retirees keen to take advantage of the desirable lifestyle and wellbeing options offered by the area.

Today, ShengQuan Aged Services is one of the largest privately-owned aged care service providers in Weihai. Consisting of approximately 40 associated companies, three of which are publicly listed, and employing over 2,000 people, ShengQuan has total assets of approximately RMB5 Billion (AUD$1 Billion). The business is embarking on a significant expansion, increasing the number of facilities along with the development of complimentary business units that will support its expansion plans, such as an extensive staff vocational training academy so as to ensure the availability of suitably trained staff to operate within the business.
OUR Mission & Vision

Shengquan’s mission is to leverage off its existing business operations and reputation for providing high-quality aged care services to become the pre-eminent brand for the provision of world best - practice integrated aged, health and medical care services in China.

Our vision is to deliver aged care services that offer high quality residential accommodation with lifestyle and wellbeing support that allows residents to enjoy happy, healthy and independent lives that promote longevity.

Our approach to provide these services is based on many of the values embedded in Chinese culture such as the importance of social support networks for the emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing of the elderly as reflected in the Confucian notion of Filial Piety.