Residential Care 

ShengQuan offers high quality aged care services from basic through high-end care include spiritual, cultural and wellbeing support besides accommodation and dietaries. The customized extent of value-added services is also available. ShengQuan provides high quality, integrated medical, health and residential care services to elders with a continuing expansion of lifestyle and cultural enhancements to meet varieties of demand.

Mid-range Care 

ShengQuan Shidao Happiness Apartment

Located in Shidao, Rongcheng City, the first phase of ShengQuan’s Shidao Happiness Apartment was completed in 2016 and provides a total of 1,068 beds.

Shidao Happiness Apartment is a mid-range aged care facility that incorporates high quality residential facilities with a variety of lifestyle enhancements and wellbeing options such as travel services.

Through these travel services residents have reciprocal rights to accommodation and services via agreements entered into by ShengQuan with 86 aged care facilities in a variety of locations throughout China such as Anhui, Jinan, Hangzhou and Shanghai.

Basic Care 

Hushan Happiness Home

Hushan Happiness Home is a large retirement apartment complex in Hushan, providing basic aged care services. Opened in 2007 as a Basic Aged Care Residential Facility, it contains 720 beds accommodating residents.

High Care

ShengQuan Science and Technology Park

This high care facility commenced operation in 2019, set to the south of Rongcheng beach on the shores of Sakura Lake, is a 70,000 square metres development site. This high end care facility is able to accommodate 762 residents that have high dependency needs.

The facility is equipped with the latest in monitoring technology that equips each room of the facility with a smart gateway system that controls the infrared sensors installed in the room with accuracy. The sensors can detect possible anomalies such as water leakage or any accidents happening to the elderly and monitor the temperature; humidity of the room. The facility is also staffed with trained carers that understand the needs of ill and immobile aged care residents.